Fall Gala Concept and Theme


  • If Not for Grace Ministries

  • September 3, 2019

If Not for Grace Ministries needed a fresh concept for their gala.

In years past it was very formal. Last year's gala was a barbeque. The ministry has faced many recent changes, including the resignation of the original Executive Director.

So, we focused back on the ministry's Christian roots. Gave it a vintage farm feel and a name. Made it informal and approachable.

I am responsible for naming the gala and designing all the visuals. I promoted it consistently on social media. The executive director and I wrote most of the copy. I edited and sorted the database list. I also prepared the constituent mailing, set up online donation forms, and prepared the underwriter packages.

There was an overwhelming increase in attendance and donations compared to the previous year, and I think the creative influenced the success of the event.