About Me


• Social Media Content
• Book design
• Catalog design
• Magazine design
• Brochure design
• Ad design
• Web site art direction
• WordPress websites
• Photo illustration
• Custom photography
• Basic writing
• Basic copy editing

My husband often calls me Ra-Ha-Na. (He thinks he's pretty funny. And he really is!) In actuality, my name is so much easier to pronounce. Raina. (Like the weather.)

I guess you could say I am the queen (rein) of the castle (last name)! In truth, my beagle doggie, Ginger is the true queen of the castle. (Seriously, she owns three down comforters and often still steals mine.)

I started working in the last great days of newspaper production, while in college. The smell of rubber cement and toxic chemicals permeated the mid-century building. The older guys set up mechanicals with Photostats and Exacto knives. I was hooked.

And the rest is history.

I signed up to be a graphic designer. I've worked in small ad agencies, newspapers, b-to-b publications, in-house departments, and for book publishers. Add in some retail and customer service for a change of pace. And now, I am focusing on online content creation.

I'm looking to expand more into marketing, online content creation, writing, and non-profit work. (Preferably as a remote worker.)

  • Residence USA
  • Address Kansas City Area
  • E-Mail me @ rhanacastle.com
  • Freelance Available
  • Job Opportunities Available

Would prefer remote work. Will consider on-site work in the Kansas City area.